About Us

Who We Are

Two ambitious young individuals with a dream of introducing an application to market, that will revolutionize the way you do your inventory. Armed with their passion and the proper “know how”, the “Stockey” team offers you more than 15 years of experience in inventory management, precisely F&B industry. Even more, “Stockey” team will be providing technical assistance, and many other professional advices.

As we all know, inventory has always been a burden that every business has to bear once in a while. “Stokeypro” app and accessories will make inventory a fun task for you and your staff, and your stock more precise than ever. It will also help you reduce time wasting and prevent losses due to wrong data entry.

How? Good question!! “Stockey” app is linked to different accessories through Bluetooth, which will reduce the traditional physical inventory time, and the error margin as well.

Research & Development

Our R & D team handles the programming of our software and ensures that our customers receive a new update whenever it’s available. We achieve all this by working with flexible methods that allow us to adapt quickly to any change or requirement.

We provide a revolutionary and intuitive software while remaining in line with the new innovations, developments and technologies. The team also provides support to third party software vendors and partners/franchisees to help them develop and explore new markets.